Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Flowers are often compared to woman since both share the same definition of beauty as well as their surprising and wonderful elements. Some flowers are known for their sweet scent, yet with spiky thorns. Some catch our eyes with their colors, but fairly hard to take a good care of. Some, though with their delicate petals, with no fancy colors, are barely noticeable.
One of the flowers that often compared and given to woman is Lily. With its attractive appearance, pretty petals and signature scent, but among all those beautiful Lilies, Tiger Lily is one of the most fascinating.

KLOSET Summer Holiday Collection 2019 displays the beauty of woman these days through the image of Tiger Lily, where there is a lot more than beautiful petals and unique sweet scent, but also its bold, strong, confident pattern that catches our eyes.
This collection is a beautiful combination of interesting elements: Tiger Lily prints in pleasant pink and gray, the contrasting duo of yellow and blue reminiscing of a glowing flower at night time, graphic-like leopard prints to spice up the collection with a hint of sexiness but not over the top. As the palette combines vibrant petal colors to bold and bright color tones represent woman’s strength and power, such as green, pink, gray, yellow, brown and white, where cobalt and magenta stand for modernity and confidence. While one of KLOSET’s signatures is of course the detailed pieces. In this collection, we have gathered numbers of work pieces together: embroidery, sequin and most particularly, patchwork, which are made of different pieces of clothes with different colors patched together piece by piece as it is successfully seen as a beautiful flower.

For a woman’s beauty is not just about what meets the eyes, it is also the boldness, the strength and the confidence that come from within that defines her unlimited power.