'going to grow up'


It is undeniable that sometimes a great adventure comes from a small start that pushes us to the boundaries. Only a few letters ‘When?, Where?,’ are more than enough to begin a journey. The kind of adventure that will completely change us for good, as it brings true joy and ecstasy to life.
Comes in our mind, “Moonrise Kingdom,” a film produced by Wes Anderson, scheming on a boy scout and a little girl, pen-friends writing to one another in summer 1965, where both of their lives were troublesome in their own ways. The two decided to go on a journey with hearts full of dreams that no one else could tell them what to do, besides themselves, whether it’s a daily routine like camping, fishing, lying on the ground watching the stars or having all kinds of conversations. Though life on a journey was not easy, especially when the only adventure they knew was in a book, it helped them forget all the problems back home for a while and changed them into different people: happier and joyful.
Inspired by the famous film, KLOSET SUMMER HOLIDAY 2018 COLLECTION ‘GOING TO GROW UP,’ has projected the ‘retro’ mood and tone seen in the movie. Through all details combined in the collection, you can see so many redefinitions and inspirations made new, for instance, Pine Forest print was selected to display the ambience of the forest where the adventure took place. Retro Bloom print, a floral print that was created and inspired by the house’s wallpaper, the clothes’ silhouettes made out of vintage outfits and boy scouts uniform as seen through many interesting details such as insect, patched-pocket pants, color blocking, floral attached to the prints, pop-up flowers, pearl buttons which is one of the most outstanding details when it comes to vintage clothes. Besides, street look was also picked and added to the collection to emphasize the fun part of fashion as seen in the quote ‘Summer’s End’ on jackets and crops.
To perfectly display the retro-ish scent, the palettes used in this collection are the colors that often seen in vintage art and designs such as squash, rosewood and mint green, with a spiced-up shade like magenta.
Adventure through books might be beautiful and entertaining, but it is nothing compared your own journey. We usually go on the same path in the same box for years that we forget there are other paths to take and places to be discovered. Take your loved ones with you and start your own adventure. The journey might be rough and the road could be tough but that’s the kind of adventure that would change us for good.