'The Hidden Treasure'

'The Hidden Treasure'

'The Hidden Treasure'

Every place has its history and a journey often leads you to the trace of wonders. Instead of flashing on a fancy-city vacation, as a professional explorer, this girl decided to go on a different path to discover the wonders of what is left from the ancient time, Greece, where once was one of the greatest empires in the history. She excitedly went out to explore the world’s heritages that are worth seeing with her own eyes whether it is a panorama of white buildings with vivid blue sky and ocean as their background, strolling along in magenta bougainvillea side ways to historical places that take her breath away, the ruined cities where Greek arts and cultures linger in the air.

KLOSET SPRING / SUMMER 2020 COLLECTION manifests a summer journey that is filled with mesmerizing histories and cultures. Through every little detail that represents a summer getaway such as a selection of natural fabrics like cotton and linen, magenta beads that are inspired by the color of bougainvillea, safari jacket and cargo pants, reflective satin, gold-medallion and ancient vase embroidered pieces as well as olive branch and gold-medallion cuff link that date you back to the age where Greece was one of the greatest empires.

Besides, the colors used in the collection is one of the essences that makes KLOSET stand out. As if strolling along the ancient city, the vibrant colors seen and inspired by the destination itself has been beautifully put into the collection: magenta and bright orange, inspired by bougainvillea, bright sky blue that is, of course, representing the beautiful summer sky, merged with a bit of vibrant and warm yellow, rustic brown and reddish brown that are infused with a touch of history. Where olive green and gold were added to recall the glory days in the ancient history of Greece.

Because, sometimes, it does not take something innovatively new to arouse you and make you glad you are alive. Surprisingly, it could only be a simple journey on a familiar road that takes you back to one of those days and, suddenly and oddly, you are overwhelmed with joy and wonders.