When life has been in a rut for too long, all we need is to step up and step out to discover something that inspires us in some ways. So it is time to pack, grab all your favorite clothes with your favorite pair of shoes and accessories and book some tickets to explore the world with your girls. Obviously, being in an adventure is no different from being in a gamble, so we decided to take you on a road and head straight to Las Vegas, the city that once was nothing but a lonesome desert, but now, turns out to be one of the biggest cities that never sleeps, full of energy, entertaining vibes and of course, a casino mine. It is nothing new to the city where people walk around with a pile of precious jewelry on their neck, the sound of women’s heels clicking on a marble floor, harmonizing with lip-stained martini glasses swinging around. Oddly, it is such a deliberating experience to be surrounded in such place, and then, to be driving aimlessly, taking photos with your girls and have them posted on your social network, laughing to one another and to call it a night with an out-of-the-world concert enclosed by star lights.

KLOSET Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is telling us about the journey that is filled with fun, laughter, one-of-a-kind experience and every little detail that we indulge ourselves in every second, whether it’s the colors or the textile that displays each memorable moment like a flashback; the flowers, the night lights, the street signs and the casino. Through bright and vivid palette such as green, blue, pink, yellow and red, as well as earth tones like beige and brown, including chartreuse, which was added to the collection for an unexpected detail that stands out.

This collection, somehow, is a reflection of our desire to get up and get out of the box. To embrace some life-changing events that will bring us true happiness. For the destination is not everything. It is not just a vacation that counts, but what we learn along the road about our true happiness and how to enjoy every single moment that’s truly ours.