As it is said that women are like flowers, the variety of their colors, shapes and sizes are just not something that beauty should be based on. For all flowers are beautiful. Different, yet beautiful and they all should be complimented for that as well as a woman.
From the works of art of Naomi Obuko, a Japanese artist who has been inspired by a true story of her life, judged by a beauty standard came up by some narrow-minded people without getting to know the real her. The flowers were picked to represent the idea of woman’s beauty that there’re more than one standard when it comes to beauty. It is important to overlook your flaws and see the world’s beauty as it really is to empower yourself and make you strong enough and confident enough not to waste your valuable time bringing yourself down by the judgmental words.
Inspired by the works of art of Naomi Okubo, where contrasted paintings are one of the most outstanding details, KLOSET SPRING/SUMMER 2018 COLLECTION ‘A BEAUTIFUL MIND’ is bringing the same idea and concept and then have it twisted and defined into 4 textile designs: ‘Artist,’ an exclusive painting design made by the artist herself, ‘Spring Field,’ a painting of green garden where beautiful creatures hidden, ‘Ruffle Flow,’ ruffles made from lots and lots of fabric that looks pretty similar to flowers and ‘Westerland Rose,’ a painting that combines flowers with graphic arts.
All textile designs were to put together to project the idea of camouflage and that outer appearance that could fool you in one way or another through suspicious techniques and details such as a false button, false ribbon, false ruffle and false collar. As the designer would want to offer the street style look that is more wearable and practical, quotes and letters were selected to be one of the most presentable details in the collection. While the palette of the collection is pretty variety, brown is the most common color as well as peach, contrasted with bold and bright colors such as blue, maroon, yellow, moss and metallic.
What you see is not always what you get. And things that seem different do not always mean that there’s no beauty in such. Do not let the words of insulting interfere the person you really are. Only you can be proud of who you are and know the true worth of your own self and that’s your power.