If You Want The Rainbow


Because life is all about changing and all phases of life are made of countless change. Certainly, changing is not easy. Many of them are the kind of changes that we are worried and afraid of. We have been thinking about changing and the attitude towards uncertainty from time to time until we get to read this book that helps us realize something. ‘Life of Pi’ is the book telling us about an Indian young man who floats on the boundless ocean, accompanied by a wild and wicked tiger. Instead of being afraid of him, the man feels that he is blessed and lucky for not having to go through the unfortunate journey all by himself.
There is a saying that as long as you can see your blessing even under the worst situation ever, you have what it takes to get through whatever’s ahead. And that is what Pi made of. His being optimist has us turned to have a look at ourselves with a new ankle that positive thinking combined with a strong faith could beat anything eventually. As well as the song that reminds us of the idea of being optimistic, ‘If you want the rainbow, you must have the rain,’ once we gather the ideas of the two together, we find out that as long as there’s life, there’s always hope.
Inspired by traditional Indian garments, KLOSET SPRING/SUMMER 2017 COLLECTION ‘IF YOU WANT THE RAINBOW,’ was a perfect combination of many interesting details such as golden lace, silk embroidery especially the rainbow that represents hope and happiness after the storm, including thoroughly and complex handmade flowers and floral prints etc. Each and every item was designed to be worn in various styles and occasions by mixing and matching with other items out of the collection. Moreover, we picked so many different kinds of fabric like denim, see-through and knit to complete and elevate the whole collection where the color palette is all about bright and beautiful colors, for instance, green, blue, red, white, dark blue and pink to represent the power of positive thinking through the outfit. And one more item that must be spoken of is the ‘Good Luck’ bagger that goes with pretty much everything on your weekend, emphasizing the idea of hope and happiness, which is believed to be the next must-have item in this coming season for sure.

‘Take your share of trouble, face it and don’t complain.
If you want the rainbow, you must have the rain.
Happiness comes double after a little pain.
If you want the rainbow, you must have the rain.’