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‘Day of the Dead,’ a Mexican holiday celebrated to remember those loved ones who passed away since it is strongly believed among the Mexican that they are never really gone, only shift to another place waiting for the days to reunite with their families and friends once again.

An inspiration of Kloset Resort 2021 Collection is all about the ‘bonding’ between those who live and those who left, of their beloved families, lovers and even other living creatures that have weaved and shared certain memories. It is a heart of the Day of the Dead festival, where people create happiness and joy altogether once again. This is a story about Catrina, a chef and Diego, a charismatic guitarist.

They met for the first time while celebrating the holiday and that is where their love story and
bonding began. Thousands of sweet memories were made that even their last goodbye can never wipe away those feelings and memories once shared.

We have conveyed the celebration of the Day of the Dead through city paintings on a fabric as well as vigorous colors and faces of celebrating people. Catrina Bloom prints is all about marigolds and floral decorations that can be seen literally everywhere during the holiday that screams Mexican’s colorful culture.

Once we talk about bonding, it is impossible to not picture binding that symbolizes the idea of how people connect to one another. It is projected through Relation Ribbon, a red and black ribbon that are tied up to one another. Baby Catrina Bloom prints shows the holiday symbols that scattered everywhere, Papel Picado Paper Cut, plays a big part as it hung and decorates the scenario, we displayed that through embroidery in a new and twisted way. Moreover, we even put that on a lace wedding gown of Catrina, where butterflies and birds are symbols of fate and happy memories that both Catrina and Diego will share for the rest of the lives. How they patch local men’s clothes’ patterns are also brought to making of the collection. We have made sleeveless t-shirt with extra shoulder pads to tough it up a little bit.

A sign and a menu of the restaurant where they first met is a combination of a
silkscreen printing and velvet screen printing and then with a bleaching technique leaves it a little vintage vibe on.

The selections of fabrics are quite interesting as well: soft and romantic fishnet for the wedding gown, chiffon jacquard with gold ribbon, organdy with prints, cotton void, cotton, shiny satin, taffeta, denim, striped elastic, crepe satin with prints and synthetic fabric. All are made and embellished into fun and vigorous pieces of works.

The pantone of the collections is based on the colors usually seen in the holiday. From the
classic tones such as white, black, beige to something as vibrant and fun as marigold, red, blue, pink, purple and green. Bonding is not made and grown through times. It is created by good vibes, feelings and intentions for one another.



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