To be on the road is a journey itself: experiencing something new, unexpected events and to be with your girls until the end of the road. It is undeniable that these little things make the journey as memorable as the destination.
Once again, KLOSET has been inspired by such experience. This collection is all about fun and unexpected events during the summer trip with your girls. The destination is the South of France, where liveliness and beauty of nature is everywhere to see. Lush green mountains with countless field of sunflower and olive. Still, the city vibe is all around. You can even taste it through the street food and local fruits.
We started the trip by sailing to Marseille, a portal region of Mediterranean. Surrounded with antique and unique architects, the whole town is shone warmly by the sunlight. We rented a car to drive aimlessly around the town, feel the breeze and stop by to take pictures every now and then. When we reached St. Tropez, we went out on a yacht to bathe ourselves with the sea salt and beautiful sunlight, sipping wine, talking through the afternoon before we stopped at Cote-d’Azur where vivid colors of beach umbrellas lied along the coastline. People were there just to have a great time, enjoying beautiful weather and having a tan line to recall their wonderful vacay. As seen in KLOSET RESORT 2020 COLLECTION, we have put the South of France in every little detail possible. Whether it is a hand-painted sunflowers/olives prints, a poster-like painting that displays the beauty of sunlight and shadow, tiny flowers prints, polka-dot, vintage minty-green and maroon satin, natural-fibered chiffon, beach umbrella-inspired stripes, plastic-coated denim, lace and bold red jeans etc. Speaking of KLOSET, it is obviously all about fun! For instance, the Provence postal stamp-screened on tank top with special foiling techniques, as well as shimmers, lobster-shaped embroidery and coconut trees made of white pearls and clear diamonds. The palette of this collection is quite fun too! Like maroon, bright bold red, pink, shocking pink, beige, white, sunflower yellow, minty green, blue, navy and ocean blue which, all together, brings excitement and youthfulness to the collection. Like it is said that every little details count and make the journey even more memorable and clearer in your mind. Even our Creative Director projected this journey as a thrilling adventure, full of unexpected events that will always and forever take a special place in your heart.