True love begins when you fall in love with yourself. KLOSET’s latest collection is telling a story that everyone’s familiar with, about a mermaid who seeks and falls in love with a man as soon as she lays her eyes on him. She gives it all to the man hoping to be loved in return. However, love doesn’t work that way. The man turned her down, but instead of crying her heart out, she chooses to give herself the kind of love that no one could offer. She chooses to be happy and beautiful because she knows she deserves nothing but the best, turning sorrow into something precious like jewels and shiny stones.
Inspired by a peaceful ocean with a sensational feeling, KLOSET RESORT COLLECTION 2019, is full of oceanic details. For instance: the silhouettes, textiles and sparkling shiny materials, like extra-sized sequins, to represent reflection on the water, while the palettes are quite colorful just like how it is under the sea, seen in the collection are coral, bright yellow, lavender, brown and different shades of green. Pearls, one of the most striking details to display the beauty of the sea, are of course handmade and attached to the clothes by embroidery, as well as seashell-shaped crochet, an outstanding technique that beautifully completes this collection. Nevertheless, most of the details are decreased to simplify the whole collection, yet, outstanding in a very sleek and modern way.

For we all can shine from within.