she carries flowers


There’s a saying that woman and flowers are meant to be together as well as flowers are the symbol of joy and happiness. For that matter, to attract people to come along, all women should be nothing less than happy and joyful. As it is said in ‘The Law of Attraction,’ a psychological theory where it is believed how similar things attract each other, people with certain attitudes are usually found attracted to those who share the same vibes. According to the theory, what kind of attitude and vibe would you like to be and who would you like to spend time with?

Happiness is somehow defined as a flower with its beauty, freshness and sweet scents that draw people near and bring them joy. To share flower with others is to share happiness and joy, whether it’s by giving or receiving, just like how a smile returns to one another.

KLOSET RESORT 2018 ‘SHE CARRIES FLOWERS’ COLLECTION displays the idea of what happiness is all about as well as the law of attraction through numbers of interesting details based on the previous collections; ‘IF YOU WANT THE RAINBOW,’ projecting the after-effect of rainstorm, ‘AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH,’ encouraging people to speak up their minds and ‘WAKE UP & RISE,’ inspiring people to get up and pursue their dreams. To sum up those three, this collection shows the fact that no matter how big the storms are, as long as we are happy, the flowers that we are carrying will never wither. On the other hand, the rainstorm makes the flowers even more beautiful. The collection is all about positive thoughts and the law of attraction: those with good intentions always attract happiness and positive vibes. Drops of water were newly defined and put into the collection to project the feeling in a rainstorm while the floral embroidery, oversized rose prints, and floral lace represent a big bouquet of encouragement. As well as other interesting details such as polka-dot tulle, rotary-made technique and special types of denim in different shades; blue, white, military green and onyx, to complete the collection with a pinch of fun, joy, and happiness.

For we believe that happiness is a contagious reaction that can be shared and given away for free. Likewise, the girl who carries the flowers holds happiness and with that happiness, she gives away to others, which is the main concept and idea that inspired the KLOSET RESORT 2017 ‘SHE CARRIES FLOWERS’ COLLECTION

So let’s plant the flowers for your own happiness and share them with others when they fully bloom.