As we woman can do anything we want to as long as we put our minds to it. Seen in the “Rosie” Poster, where a lady in mechanical jumpsuit with a head band on showing off her macho side with a motto ‘We Can Do It,’ produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943 during World War II for Westinghouse Electric. It has been extensively viewed since then, as if it was the very first meme the world has ever seen, to inspire and to root for the ladies during that time.

The poster has shown that women in those days had to juggle and get their hands on many different things whether it’s chores, cooking, taking care of their kids as well as working very hard to make sure they had food on their tables.

From those days of the world’s crisis to nowadays, the poster has been well-known for what it represents, to be tough in a difficult time and do what you have to do with the right attitude to get things done.

During the time of crisis, women were required to get their hands on their primary responsibilities as well as providing what’s necessary for the household, which inspired KLOSET to create a collection where their double lives were told in a common and comprehensive way. We picked one of the most outstanding details in the kitchen which is a yellow capsicum and a juicy red tomato and elevated those into prints and stitches.

We also put together a Check and Laces in a very colorful pantone to light up the whole collection. On the other hand, to display the difficulties during the WWII, where women must step up and get their hands on the physical works at a factory, we decided to give some twists to a mechanical jumpsuit. As seen on the Polkadot prints that explains the spray paint situation that has become one of the most outstanding details of the collection.

Though in the KLOSET Pre-Fall 2021 Collection, we chose to go with formal and neutral palettes such as White, Black, Caramel, Brown, Navy and Basic Blue Denim, we also tried to combine and balance between Femininity and Masculinity in a precisely perfect amount as seen in all-printed Blazer and Pants, a skirt-like flared Shorts teamed with a Jacket, hem lines to lessen the Masculinity of a mechanical jumpsuit, a razzle-dazzle high-slit Skirt paired with an oversized Button-up for instance. And with a KLOSET vibe to it, yet, the collection is very comfortable, unbelievably easy-breezy and super spot-on when it comes to mix-and-match situation.

For we believe that our abilities are only limited by our thoughts. Women’s bodies might be totally different compared to men’s, though, our intensity is beyond and second to none.



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