' Love never Fails '

Love never Fails

A legendary love tragedy and world masterpiece written by William Shakespeare that has been read and loved by millions of people through ages, the story was about a young, romantic, bittersweet kind of love. In the year of 2020, KLOSET has been inspired by the tragic love driven with passionate and rebellious spirits of the two, weaving in with KLOSET’s signature touch and introduced as Pre-Fall 2020 Collection "Love never Fails“
A tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet was the original idea to inspire us for the latest collection. The kind of love that seems to be as sweet as it is bitter and sad, that brings both joy and sorrow hand in hand. Though roses need water to grow, but for this kind of love, the only water that gets soaked in is tears. It is crystal clear that true beauty of love and heartache are somehow inseparable as it is impossible to reach out for a beautiful rose without getting the thorns in your fingers.
In this collection, we have projected the mood of love through the brand’s signature print that tells a story of the bittersweet kind of love, “Rose-meo & Juliet.” The rose print was hand-painted with oil color that looks real and dimensional. The red rose print also symbolizes true, steadfast, joyful, passionate, consuming kind of love – the love that will never fade through times, where the blue rose print is symbolizing tragic love, yet a strong one that gets through time after time with hope and patience. Plus, we have added some more dimension and details to the prints so that the KLOSET ladies will get to have some fun, mixing, matching and wearing their favorite items in a very creative way everyday.
By finding new methods to make the prints such as cropping and zooming in the beauty of the rose in a frame as well as tiny stitched roses that are scattered all over the piece as if you are looking at a tiny rose garden that blooms beautifully, as we called it “Rosalove.” Besides, we have selected parts of the poem that are quite catchy and printed them on a shiny net-like fabric, throwing back to the days where Shakespeare performed his miracles with a quill. Moreover, we could not help but related the legendary tragic love to the quote, “Love is like a tattoo: it hurts when it bleeds but its beauty lasts forever.” And so we took that quote and interpreted into something as artistic as embroidery, to display how painful and long-lasting love can be.

In the KLOSET Pre-Fall 2020 Collection, we have added some fun and layers into the choice of fabric, such as shiny net-like fabric that has its own shape and form: looking fragile yet durable, polka dot-and-hearts weaved fishnet, romantic lingerie lace, jacquard chiffon that looks flowey and romantic yet very comfortable to wear, synthetic fabric patched on shiny and glamorous satin which is very “Juliet-like,” denim for a touch of masculinity of Romeo, reflective sequin that shines like true love. As well as tafta, up-and-coming fabric that often used in fashion industry these days that we have twisted and created many other interesting details like printing, embroidery and emphasized its pros (which is its volume,) by smocking and weaving into shapes of hearts and flowers. The lingerie lace tape, however, is one of the twists that added a touch of romance and aristocracy. Not to mention the hot fix crystal and pins to add a little texture and dimensions to the fabric. Where the rose organdie may look fragile but once the pearls were added, it was elevated into something a little tough and edgy. Hankie was another twist for the gimmick -- talking about sad, you may need some handkerchief to wipe the tears. While the last but not least, we have added special drape techniques making blossom roses with two layers of fabric for a little more volume and movement.

The palette in the collection is, of course, Rose Red symbolizing beauty of love, Deep Rose Blue displaying hope and patience, Black for eternal love, bright and pure Cool White while Baby Skin Beige to add a little warmth and sweetness to the collection. All choices of colors are to project the nature of love that is not just about joy, or sorrow, but mixing of the two and everything in between: desire, patience and hope.

“Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear.”