It only takes courage to see the world in a different way. We usually dream of living the kind of life in a fearless way. Having the guts to think, say and do whatever we feel like. Live life to the fullest and freely. Never be too shy to speak up our minds. After listening to Diana Ross singing on her greatest hit, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ for so many times, I realized we don’t need much in order to change the world for good. It only takes courage to be who we truly are and say what we have to say, especially when it comes to love. How different of life could have been if only we dare enough to say that 4-letter word to the one we secretly long for. That simple, yet the most powerful sentence any woman could utter.

KLOSET SUMMER HOLIDAY 2017 COLLECTION ‘AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH’ beautifully projects the power of a woman who is honest, courageous, straightforward and lives freely through those choices of delicate and natural palettes as cream, beige, forest green and light blue, contrasted with vibrant colors such as sunflower yellow and fuchsia. To make an entrance to the new beginning of the season with bright-and-bold attitude, a sunflower that symbolizes courage and power, as well as sparrows, to simply display life of freedom, were selected to play a big part in this collection.

In term of cutting and pattern, the collection is all about something loose and light, wearable and suits for warm and humid weather, yet, full of delicate details, which is one of Kloset’s signature designs, seen through those loosey maxi dress with little sparrow on the chest, light kimono jacket with sunflower stitched or even those one-piece swimsuit with bright colors. These details indicate nothing less than confidence and power within every woman in the world in a very sophisticated way.

Whenever the wind changes its way to the new season, we like to think that all those feelings and ideas that we intentionally had put in Kloset’s collection, will continuously inspire you ladies as always.