FALL 2021

Fiercely Feminine


Inspired by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” an all-time classic movie of the 60’s that gave Audrey Hepburn a whole new look in Holly Golightly, a pretty, yet, paranoid lady who lived in a time where people were obsessed with wealth, money, living a luxury lifestyle and being someone especially in a high society. The first thing that comes in our mind when talking about Holly Golightly is her classic style that later, has had become a widely iconic look. A glamorous looking lady in a Little Black Dress, such a classy way to show off the curves without being too exposed, a neat hair bun with a diamond tiara, sunglasses, black velvet elbow-length gloves with a long cigarette holder in her hand, and if you remember, a scene of Holly with a nameless cat. Holly was a true daydreamer that waited to be invited to attend social events where she might get to meet a guy who would finally take her out of an empty apartment and live a whole new life with a new identity, with the nameless cat of course, the one that she took in and yet had no chance to name her properly.

Fortunately, these days are the new days where people start to take woman more seriously, not just a pretty face or a rich spoiled girl like people did in the past. Instead of that, we concentrate and value her potentials and capabilities, treat her right, respect her, hear her, no judgment based on her gender identity. As seen in many organizations or even countries, we get to see more women step up and run things powerfully.

Inspired by those mentioned above, Kloset Autumn 2021 Collection picked up the character of Holly Golightly and brought her to life - life in reality these days though, to represent empowering woman and to inspire to all women out there: family leaders, high-leveled executives and even single moms. Shining through the power of seeing self-worth, potentials and capabilities to live each day to the fullest, Kloset’s key looks created based on daily activities of all women out there;

Key Look # 1 Loungewear : the morning look where we start the day by wearing a printed Chamois bathrobe, a two-piece printed velvet suit to layer up, bomber shorts with quilts, a cardigan with a cat on, a sweater and a mini skirt with soft-touched hearts and a two-piece loungewear suit that is extremely comfortable.

Key Look # 2 Smart : a working woman looking real professional with a working suit, a pencil dress and printed trousers with diamonds that screams “I am THE BOSS!!” 

Key Look # 3 Re-Luxury : a moment of relaxation when life seems to get better with a little touch of luxury – an a-shaped casual dress glamed up by some certain details that give it a femininity.

Key Look # 4 Modern Sophisticated : a party time or not, all eyes on me! With a patched mini dress with Trompe L’oeil Collar on Organdy, a short tweed dress, a cocktail dress that celebrate woman’s tiny waist and balloon-shaped silhouette on the hips and a stand-up collar top with pants and ostrich’s feather – catches eyes, catches mind, modern and super luxurious. 

Key Look # 5 Charming : a classic maxi dress with a heart of diamonds for a touch of cuteness on luxurious item and a satin maxi dress with an attached pearl necklace.

While prints, we need to talk about prints in this collection – Holly Golightly claimed herself as a tulip, the queen of flowers, up on the hills, hard to find, hard to get, so we needed to have that as one of our prints in this collection, the tulip, and we called that “Miss Tiffany.” As well as tulips in a pot, an easier-to-get version of the queen that of course, is a dark humor and a way to mock the lady, and we named it “Holly Dot.” Certainly, we could not seem to forget one of the most important details, which is a book that Holly received as a gift called “Nine Lives,” a way to tease people, and in this case is Holly, about how she lived carelessly, foolishly trying to deny herself, daydreaming of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of chance to come by and ironically, we named the print “Nameless Cat.” Speaking of a cat, we also had Marie, a pretty white animated cat from “The Aristocats,” to overload the collection with cuteness. You will get to find her running around in a tulip yard on any casual items such as a sweatshirt and running pants, a jumper in Candy Blue and Pretty Pink with the famous cat on and last but not least, Marie on the knit!

The color choices are quite interesting, the classic shades like White, Black and Modern-Vintage-vibe Cocoa seem to be a perfect choice for glaming up the look, while the colorful shades are selected to project the lively and playful character of Holly, for instance Elegant Yellow, Baby Pink, Mint Green and Light Blue. Plus, the materials, as outstanding as Satin, Sukura, Extra Soft BM, Cotton, Velvet, Tweed, Chiffon Silk, Interlock, Knit and Chamois, still we insisted on taking it to the next level by going extra when it comes to embroidery and details like Diamonds and Pearls, Trompe L’oeil Collar, Ostrich’s Feather and cat-head-like pearl button, exclusively made for the collection.



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