“Do you remember the time I knew a Girl From Mars?

I don’t know if you knew that. Oh we’d stay up late playing cards, Henri Winterman Cigars.
Though she never told me her name, I still love you, Girl From Mars.”

The first verse of “Girl From Mars,” tells us of a memorable night of this man who gets to meet a girl from Mars. The song is from the album 1977 of the band Ash, the Irish rock band, inspired by famous sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica and the composer’s childhood imagination of his mom as Princess Leia and his dad of Luke Skywalker. This verse of the song got us thinking of a girl from Mars, the one we never met. She fell from the sky, landed on our garden and walked into our house with her body sparkling like stars, spent all night playing cards and talking until dawn.

The Girl from Mars and the song have inspired us to create KLOSET AUTUMN/WINTER 2020
COLLECTION ‘GIRL FROM MARS,’ sharing nostalgic of the 60’s-80’s and futuristic vibes and
With the selection of materials and textures that project the idea of futurism such as metallic leathers, shiny silver objects on black and purple, white-and-silver hologram which reflects into rainbow prism that looks like you’re on a spaceship. To add a little warmth and make it extra, the futuristic design was combined with classic details like black wool tartan, brown, white and blue denim, as well as graphic and floral prints: the unexpected, yet exceptional combination that gives a nostalgic vibe.

With the 70’s palette for example: green, black, blue on orange and red on purple, offers the idea of the combination where you get to see in your mother’s closet. And of course, all those little techniques that KLOSET is known for are all there, for instance, the handkerchief-like perforated cloths, beaded vintage table sheets, silver beads with diamonds and diamond florals. All together is well-put and displays the futuristic concept through the years of the 60’s-80’s as seen in the palette and silhouette, giving some fun, attractive and whimsical style to all the Kloset ladies out there.