' Midnight in Paris '



Who would not desire love and romance? Isn’t that why you always dream about spending time with your loved ones in Paris? So called ‘The Most Romantic City in the World,’ Paris is all about magic, whether it’s morning, day time or night time, everything about Paris is just beautiful and magical. Can you imagine the moonlight-reflecting Seine where lovers are walking pass by hand-in-hand? Surrounded by the city’s architects mingled with romance of the old and the new that makes every moment so infatuating. And that was how we started making our latest collection, KLOSET A/W2019 ‘MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.’
There are numbers of outstanding details weaved into the KLOSET A/W COLLECTION 2019 ‘MIDNIGHT IN PARIS’ whether it is the textile itself, as well as the special techniques like an Iris Bouquet, a gift from your date that projects hope and faith in your loved ones no matter what happens and it spreads the joyful feelings and love all over the cloth, sexy Lipstick Stain that represents a sensual kiss, a Shadow of lovers on the street of Paris, where you and your loved one cannot help but snuggling, a short yet sweet note written on a mirror with lipstick saying ‘Tu me rêve,’ which means ‘I will dream of you,’ and a Heart Wave print that shows how love affects your heartbeat. 
Where the palettes of the collection are mainly seductive Deep Purple, a hint of Midnight Blue, Brownish Red that reflects the beauty of sunset, Magenta to represent love and desire, Mustard that displays the warmth of the last sunlight of the day, Sky Blue that reminds you of how refreshing clear sky could be and Green that inspired by street lights and trees in Paris at night.
On the other hand, the choice of fabric is quite interesting and unique, compared to the previous collections: reflecting Patent Leather, 100% Cotton with custom-made perforated design, 2-colored Silk Tweed to emphasize the touch of winter breeze, Burnout Velvet (Divoré) with diamond-shaped pattern, Silk with gold tinsel and glossy Sequins. Moreover, the cutting techniques are outstanding and full of surprises such as Patent Leather with perforated design, Patchworks, Iris Bouquet made of Artificial Leather, Pleating for more volume and dimension, Smocking, and Feather and Sequins with Beads on a see-through fishnet, one of the most exciting details to spice up the romance to the collection.
Always, love is beauty and romance is rare.