Life is an endless journey. All through wonderful 17 years, KLOSET has been presenting the idea of traveling through numbers of collection inspired by beautiful places around the world. Many different cultures have been told as we put our ideas and feelings in the collection and that makes all journeys even more special and memorable. The collections are more like a conclusion of the journey that urges us to put ourselves out there to find many more beautiful places to see.
Once again, KLOSET is about to take you girls on a journey, and this time, we are on The Silk Road, where everything from cultures to cultures began. Turkey, a country perfectly mixed of the East and the West, stands out with its beautiful traditions and cultures: the magnificent blue mosque, located on the heart of the city, decorated with colorful porcelains, ceramics and mirrors, red tulips, contrasted with lush green grass, blooming its best to receive a blissful sunlight, etc.
KLOSET AUTUMN/WINTER 2018 “Life is a journey” is representing a new journey, new excitements on the road as well as vibrant colors and significant charm of Turkey, a borderline of the East and the West. Through extraordinary prints that were inspired by Turkish arts, for example, a traditional hand-painted plate and porcelain, one of the most popular Turkish’s souvenirs that attract the tourists’ attentions. Besides, the tulip can also be seen in the collection since it was originated in Turkey, which displays a very important detail on the fabric.
The palette of the collection is definitely something vibrant, and on top of that, we even team up opposite colors to make the collection even more interesting such as bright orange pairing with blue, burgundy with orange, lilac and blue, green and pink, and cobalt blue with gold. While neutral shades like beige and yellow were put in the collection just to cool it off. Not to mention handcrafts, the most outstanding signature of KLOSET, for instance, lace-made flowers, fringe combined with jacquard and embroideries, including fabric flowers embellished with stones, are seen in the collection as well.
For the world is full of surprises and all the wonders in the world await to be discovered. If only you open your eyes and put yourself out there with an opened heart.