wake up & rise


Life is a journey, but to start a journey, it doesn’t really matter how far we go. All we need to do is to set our minds free and let them wander …

As a brilliant film, ‘In the Mood for Love,’ directed by Wong Kar-Wai, telling a story of the characters’ certain behavior who seem to be walking on the same road to the same direction, doing the same activity trying to discover something that matters, as if they have been sleeping and dreaming. This movie has given us a crucial inspiration for life and how to actually live that it was defined and displayed on KLOSET AUTUMN/WINTER 2017 COLLECTION, ‘WAKE UP & RISE.’ Since we have a strong belief that every once in a while, we all have that moment when we keep having the same dream and desperate to get out of the same routine as we find out that what we think, we do, we become have to sicken us in some ways, for they are not exactly what we are looking for. It is time to break the walls and set ourselves free from those mazes built by our own thoughts and sometimes, by others’. It is like we were blindfolded and cannot see it through what is really important. Therefore, it’s time for the wakeup call so that we can rise and live the way we choose ourselves, for at least, we can set our minds free, discover what’s right and successfully shake off the feeling of ‘what ifs.’

From the idea of ‘In the Mood for Love’ to the inspiration for KLOSET AUTUMN/WINTER 2017 COLLECTION ‘WAKE UP & RISE,’ the retro-chic style is just clear to see whether it lingers in the palettes of the collection; white, cream, black, mustard with a hint of maroon or the movements of the fabric that is, of course, comfortable and portrays the feeling of being free. What really stands out actually is the modern graphics combined with Asian-inspired kind of prints, as seen on the film, including some certain symbols like the print of babies, adorable living creatures that are brave and bold, do not live by rules of reasons and conditions like adults and the print of birds that define life with no worries and are free to go wherever they feel like.
Life to live so wake up, rise and live as desire.