Glow It’s a Trap

Glow It’s a Trap

As attractive and challenging as they are of nature’s mysteries, beautiful plants and insects seem to be the kind of creature that is fatal. Some with this special feature of changing its color to camouflage, some with thorns to protect itself from harm and some with extraordinaire leaves to stands out in the crowd. That’s how woman gets sometimes. Mysterious and powerful on the outside, yet she gets even more attractive and challenging to a man. Dare I say her fatal attraction is a trap or a poison where all men cannot resist the tempt to get closer to.

KLOSET Summer Holiday 2016 Collection ‘Glow it’s a Trap,’ projects the ideal of what a real woman: attractive, confident, sharp and somehow fatal, challenging yet. With the silhouette that shows off woman’s attractive body parts like flare pants and pencil skirt that was developed by a special cutting technique, including the types of fabric that are varied and sharp with beautiful movement. What’s more is to specializes the collection by adding a redefined floral print that interprets poisoned beauty, custom-made silk and floral sequined which bring the forest palettes; red, green, tan and white to life.

Besides the mysterious clothes collection that attracts every gaze, the accessories were created align with the same inspiration where insects and poisoned plants played a very important role and as a result, the new diamond cut was invented. Completes the collection with something new, exciting and sparkles, as seen from purple-insect shaped necklace and earrings to black sparkling embellish bag that gets more inviting as you get closer to look at, mesmerizing with all those details that complete and lift the whole collection to another level.

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